onsdag 27 juni 2012

Tons of new projects and products - Oh so little time!

I have not been so active in documenting my hobby practice for a while now, mainly due to me getting a full time job and the limitations of time which comes along that fact. I have however been doing some painting and also ive bought a bunch of new products which I intend to show and write my personal impressions of. Therefore keep an eye out fo updates and I will try to be somewhat regular with my updates. One of the presents i got for myself is the Warlord Russian Starter Army. Being priced at 60£ I think this box is a steal giving you basically what you need to enjoy a game of black powder and also a great foundation from which one can expand the army by adding some horse or cannons.


 So what do you get in the box. Basically you get a load of sprues which allows you to build 4 soldiers per sprue. You get some metal heads for the Pavlovsk Grenadiers and a officer mounted on his steed. The sprues have the bodies cast as a single piece with separate heads and backpacks. There are also 4 different poses. There are options to make bog standard infantry with standard shakos or grenadiers with plumes on the shakos. This is a nice option in probably everyones eyes. My plan is to do 2 lines of regular infantry and 2 grenadier regiments, one using the mitrecaps of the Pavlovsk and one with the standard plumed shako.

Below are some pics of the figures without paint.


I think that the poses are nice but a army of the same 4 poses can give a bit of a clone feel. The separate heads helps to give the troops some variation. The detail is good, but not more. Some parts are a bit blur but once painted they look great. The quality is anyway inferior to that of the Perry twins. But not to dramatically. Below are some rather shitty pics of my painted grenadiers. I will do better pics once the regiment is fully finished. Also I will show some pics of the metal parts once they are cleaned and assembled (at least)


 Overall I like the models. Some flaws but nothing serious, bareley noticeable, especially once a army is at the table fully painted. A big plus for me is the fact that there is almost no assembly at all. Also the fact that the models are more or less clones can be somewhat of a turnoff but i reckon that is not a problem in horse and musket gaming.

I started with the victrix brittish at first but at the end of my 2nd regiment I was crying rivers of blood because of the fiddly parts and the brittle bayonets. These models are more sturdy and you can field them quickly. Also the Russians had some of the most handsome uniforms of the napoleonic era, which is why i chose them.

I give these models 7 shots of lead out of 10

Please comment if you have something to say, have you seen the models and if you have, what is your impression? Do you like or hate my men, whatever. Stick your comment below! :) Until next time. Peace

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  1. Great start.
    Looking forward to see the rest...