fredag 13 april 2012

Review - Warlord Games, Metal 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles"

Rescently ive gotten more interested in historical gaming than I usually am. I'm getting tired of the direction GW is taking and therefor are constantly looking atother alternatives. 28mm (my favourite scale) and WW2, (my fav era, along with napoleonics) is somethingthing ive always wanted to do and now finally I took the leap and got some models and a copy of the Operation Squad rules. I've noticed a serious lack of reviews of this specific box on the internet and here is my contribution.

The models that I bought are from Warlord and a part of their Bolt Action range. And come in a box of 21 models, including a 30cal MG team and 2 soldiers manning a Bazooka. The box art is awsome and I like the fact that you get a brief background on the back of the package (we will return to this later) Now moving on to a couple of models, and Warlord are not lying by calling these "finely detailed" because they are simply gorgeous.

Airborne 1

When I ordered the lot, I did not have high expectations since I am not that familiar with metals other than some PP and GW but my jaw was dropped once the contents of the box were unboxed. I will just show a couple of the soldiers but they are all of the same quality with no miscasts of imperfections whatsoever.

Airborne 5
Airborne 4

Small details like extra ammo, pouches and knives are clear and crisp all around the figures and I relly like the fact that they are metal which gives them the "heft" many people enjoy.

Airborne 3

Observe the well-made hands of the soldier reloading his M1

Airborne 2

The commandgroup is really nice and my favourite detail is on the radio operator (2nd from the left). The guy is pressing the horn of the radio between the shoulder and cheek, like you do when talking on the phone while carrying bags for example, giving the model an very dynamic, yet uncomfortable looking pose.

So all in all, I am very happy with these, and just returned from the shop with a fresh brush to get these done properly. I will show them off once they got some paint on them.
My only ciritisism is that the models come without bases, which the plastic kits from the same range don't. It is not that hard to throw in simple 2.5cm bases. Secondly, it would be nice if Warlord would learn from the Perry brothers and maybe include a litttle leaflet with some info on the unit and other military sweets, like rankings, different companies of the airborne divisions etc.

This kit gets a 8/10

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  1. Looks like a great set of miniatures. Thanks for sharing.. u bastard... 28mm ww2... hmm..

  2. ;D I know you will be unable to restrain youself :D