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FoW Battlereport - Waffen SS vs Brittish Rifles


I just had my first game of FoW yesterday and it is now my favourite game. Most of my gamingbuddies know that I love narrative battlereports and enjoy doing them so here is one from the FoWgame. First however I have a small disclaimer.

The report is totaly fictional. I am compormising historical accuracy for the benefit of the entertainmentvalue. Also, I am sorry if anyone is offended by anything out might find in the report, it is not in any way my intention. I am in no way being political or whatsoever.

Hope you enjoy it!

1944 - June 29, Normandy France

My dear beloved ones. It has been months since I heard from you and I know you must be very worried by now, with the invasion of the Fatherland going on. I am happy to say that I am fine and miss you very much. We have not seen that much action yet, despite being so close to the fighting, that is until three days ago.

The village

We moved up to seize a village, some 25 kilometers from Cherbourg. At first our scouts reported the village to look almost totally deserted but they proved wrong. As we moved up in formation for the capture we could hear sounds of motors, moving at high speed. In just a matter of minutes, the Brittish were upon us.

Our line was well deployed, with the infantry, securing the flanks, I my self was on the right of them while tanks and a platoon of pak 40's held the center. The panzers were in close range to lend support to the infantry if needed. We also had two Tigers which I have not until then seen the full capabilities of.

Germans moving in to capture the village (right: left flank, pak40's and infantry (not seen in the pic, left:The right flank with infantry and Tigers (not seen in the pic)

The British main force was three platoons of tanks, mostly Shermans, of which were
those dreaded fireflies that our men fear so much, and the armoured behemoths (named
after the enemy across the channel), Churchills

The enemy took the initiative and rushed forward with their infantry on the left flank, one platoon of Shermans on the center and the second Sherman platoon on the right along with the Churchills. The rest of their infantry secured their side of the village and took up defensive positions. Their Shermans and one firefly opened up the battle by shooting at our panzers, blowing one of them up and sadly killing the driver in the blast. He did not die in vain however, we retaliated. Our Paks and Panzers returned fire, causing utmost damage by destroying three of their tanks. At the same time our Tigers moved up to meet the other tanks on the other flank while my platoon provided support.

The Pak 40's and panzers unleash hell on the Shermans while the Tigers meet the rest of the British tanks supported by Infantry.

Suddenly there were a roar an as i turned my head around the enemy aircraft was already made its pass over the panzers, rending two more useless, killing a number of their crew. But we made them pay.

British aviation counter the panzer IV's

Our Tigers moved in to the wheatfield shooting on the move and destroying two of the enemy Churchills. To our right we could se the third platoon, more Shermans and one more firefly moving up through the woods to engage us. Meanwhile, on the left flank our infantry was engaging British riflemen and fighting them of without taking losses, or so was I told by my good friend Heinz who is part of that platoon, but I think he is bragging.

Tigers intercept the Churchills

Infantry engaing infantry in the left flank. The German forces are well prepared with support from a platoon of heavy machineguns and as soon as the British riflemen pour out of the woods, the Germans pour fire into their ranks and after a few momens, the ground was littered with dead and wounded Brits.

The fighting on my flank was growing more intense by the minute. Our remaining two panzers fought a long range duel with the firefly but without neither side being able to knock the otherone out. The Tigers manouvered around trying to reach the flank of the last Churchill which during the entire battle keept soaking up fire with its front.

As the Shermans came close to my platoon we prepared to move in and assault it but luckily a well aimed shot from the ferocious gun of one of the Tigers destroyed the Sherman closest to us. Meanwhile we were constantly harraased by the enemy planes and my platoon even took some casualities from it and thus forcing us to stick to the cover.

Tigers, Grenadiers fighting the Churchills and Shermans at close range.

Finally our Tigers managed to get around the flank of the Churchills and destroyed the last one in a great cavalcade of fire. My platoon kept fireing out panzerfausts at the tanks in the woods, and we acutally managed to stun some of them, giving the Tigers time to reload and finish of one more enemy Sherman.

Grenadiers and Tigers work to give support to each other.

The enemy airsupport was a big problem to us during the entire battle and based on what I have been told it seems that most of our casualities were caused by the planes. During the final moments of the action the plane even destroyed one of the Tigers and in the same rocketrun killed a number of solders from my platoon. We needed to move, and assaulted towards the last tanks in the woods and with the help from the remaining Tiger and our panzerfausts we blew the last firefly up.

The Brits had run out of armour and we still had panzers, fieldguns, a Tiger and generally intact infantry. The Brits blew the retreat and we captured the Village.

The final minutes of the battle.

This was a fine victory for us my dear family and I am confident that we will repel the invasion of Europe. I hope you are proud of me and I look forward to your reply.

Your dear son
Got mit uns!

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