tisdag 19 juli 2011

Still not over: Napoleonic battlerep prelude.

This is the prologue to our tonights game of Drums&Shakos. It is also the epilogue of the previous battle report that is the blogpost before this one. hopefully we will develop our napoleonic battlereports to a narrative campaign.

Early Spring 1803

We lost the battle at Dubice. A great blow and loss of life, prestiege and honor.
Some of our forces are still scattered across the Polish countryside, desperatly trying to
make their way back to our allied German provinces. I managed to escape capture along with
several other men from the 42nd Nottinghamshire regiment.

We are currently held up in this namelsess village that seem to have been rescently abandoned by its residents. The men are weary and nervous. Food and amunition is scarce and one man is wounded, although still in shape to fight. What is even more unsetteling is that French scouts have been passing in the vicinity and I am quite sure that they know that we are here.

The plan is to wait until darkness to try to use it as cover and slip past the scouts, if we survive that long.

If someone finds this journal, I leave everything to my sweetheart Lenore

Colonel Heathcliff Wilward of the 1st foot battallion

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