söndag 23 januari 2011

Imperal Guard Vs Space Marine Battle 2

Here is the after-actionreport from the second of my battles last Tuesday. It also resultet in a terrible defeat for the Imperial Guard, due to bad tactical decisions and even worse dicerolls.
However, it was a fun game and thought me some of the Imperial Guard strenghts and weaknesess (I am a very inexperienced player)

The Imperial Guard take up defensive positions as as their enemies deploy snipers in the nearby ruins and prepare for an armoured assault.

The first deaths of the battle have taken place. A well placed rocket sent hot shrapnel flying through the air killing 4 soldiers.

The Scout sniper cover their comrade while he reloads his rocketlauncher

The Imperial Guard sniper, Col. Konig takes aim and drops one of the Marines on the far hill.

"Keep up the fire, they must not get close, Fire Fire Fire!"
The defenders manage to blow up the whirlwind transport with accurate bolterfire

The passangers of the whirlwind crawl out of the wreck only to continue their furious assault on foot. They succsesfully cross the debris of the blasted Chimera that was destroyed in the opening stages of the battle along with its passangers.

The Maines clash with the Sentinels, and manages to destroy them. They continue to run through the smoke, towards the defensive lines. Col. Konig manages to scratch one of the attackers before they reach the lines and eventually destroy the dug in defenders.

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