onsdag 19 januari 2011

Imperal Guard Vs Space Marine Battle 1

Hello Guys.
I played two games last evening - Both went terrible.
First of, thanks to my opponent - Chaptermaster Stennert of the "Poopmarine chapter" (Because of their poopbrown armour).
I got my ass handed to me because of terrible tactic decisions and terrble dicerolls. Score a maximum of 4-5 hits with the Sentinels who fired 6 multilaser shots in t0tal per round during 5 rounds. Anyway here is the first battle told in a narrative fashion.
Tell me what you think and stay tuned for battle number 2

The Imperial Guard deploy their heavy weapons in the centre of the field and send their Sentinels Scouting the left flank and their dreaded Armoured Fist squad on the right.

The Imperial Guard have taken their first casualties. In the center a rocket lands in the midst of the men and leave mess of blood, mud, and guts. On the right flank the Whirlwind takes aim at the approaching Chimera with the Imperial veterans and blasts it to the machinegod. It unloads its deadly marines who continue forward towards the wreckage and the surviving squad.

Sgt Stooner opens his eyes. The cabin inside the Chimera is filled with smoke - he is unable to move his arm. "Bloody Hell - All of you get out" He orders his men as he wraps an bandage around his wounded limb. The Veterans gather their scattered gear - at least what they can - and for up behind the wreck of the Chimera. Stooner orders his men to deploy and unleash a fussilade against the fast aproaching marines. The storm of lasshots together with the rays of plasma and melta decimates to marines to just a few. With burning zeal the remaining marines close in and before the inferno breaks loos, the last thing Stooner does se is the marine with the flamer taking aim. Every guardsman fall and those not dead by the flames is relieved of duty - the hard way.

The Whirlwind taks aim once again an manages to punch a hole in the front armour of one of the Sentinels and stops it in its tracks. The Sentinel pilot Milo manages however to climb out of the wreckage and takes refuge in the nearby hills and manages to get out alive after the action has setteled.

The Last Remnants of the Imperial Guard forces abandon their leader who eventually is killed by a brutal series of blows from a powerfist.

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