lördag 6 augusti 2011

Army Display Case

Wow. This is amazing. The video is taken from BOLS, so check in their site att


tisdag 2 augusti 2011

Painted a bunch more of romans for a client :)
Lovley miniatures!

tisdag 19 juli 2011

Still not over: Napoleonic battlerep prelude.

This is the prologue to our tonights game of Drums&Shakos. It is also the epilogue of the previous battle report that is the blogpost before this one. hopefully we will develop our napoleonic battlereports to a narrative campaign.

Early Spring 1803

We lost the battle at Dubice. A great blow and loss of life, prestiege and honor.
Some of our forces are still scattered across the Polish countryside, desperatly trying to
make their way back to our allied German provinces. I managed to escape capture along with
several other men from the 42nd Nottinghamshire regiment.

We are currently held up in this namelsess village that seem to have been rescently abandoned by its residents. The men are weary and nervous. Food and amunition is scarce and one man is wounded, although still in shape to fight. What is even more unsetteling is that French scouts have been passing in the vicinity and I am quite sure that they know that we are here.

The plan is to wait until darkness to try to use it as cover and slip past the scouts, if we survive that long.

If someone finds this journal, I leave everything to my sweetheart Lenore

Colonel Heathcliff Wilward of the 1st foot battallion

onsdag 6 juli 2011

The Battle of Dubice - Napoleopnic Black Powder Battle Report

Last evening we played our 2nd game of the Black Powder rules. The game was fun and unpredictable until one side stuck a decisive blow and won the game. Here is a narrative report from the right flank of the brittish force. It is in no way trying to be historical accurate whatsoever. Only to capture the mood of the era and game.
So without further delay.
Let me present

The Battle of Dubice 1803

"Colonel Heathcliff Wilward of the 1st foot battallion, early spring 1803

Since the aggressions by the French Emperor Bonaparte, Europe have been ablaze. His troops have been succsessful in every theathre of war from the start of the unprovoced attack on the free peoples. The coalition have not yet been able to stop this oppressionist tide that seeks to engulf everything that is good and holy under its dictatoral regime.

I have been tasked with the command of the 1st foot battalion of the 3rd army Corps and during the winter of 1802 we deployed on mainland Europe. Under my command are the regiments 4th Kings german legion of foot and the 42nd Nottinghamshire of foot as well as a battery of guns.

During the spring we have been manouvering around the Polish countryside trying to force the French to battle and now we finally managed to intercept the vanguard of the enemy. We met outside of the small village of Dubice.

The British 4th and 42nd regiments under Colonel Heathcliff Wilward assemble on the right

"The enemy seemed inferior in numbers and the overall morale in my battallion was good. After my rather firey speach, if I might say so myself the troops braced them selves to vanquish their foe."

"The french deployed in thin lines to screen their cavalary. Fools i thought, as their best troops took position on their far left flank! I would eat my own words."

"I led my troops down the hill and i could see the french line responding with the same. My hopes did become truth. We would have a shootout down in the valley. I ordered my battery to begin softening the cowards up and the bombardment commenced, although failing to do any remarkable impact on the enemy, nor the outcome of the battle."

The frogs move town the hill to face the redcoats

"I ordered my troops to form lines and to hold fire. A unit of dragoons were sent to my flank as support. Further down the field i could see the rest of our troops, the Highlanders move in to occupy Dubice."

The French cavalary awaits orders

So does the Old Guard. Ready to fill in gaps and lend support where they are needed.

"The enemy was upon us and as we were getting in position they unleashed the first volley of the battle. We took a few casualities from the poor shooting and got into position. The French should know that positioning is the key to succsessful shooting. Not rushing to unleash the fire"

"Then it was our turn. For God, King and Country i gave the men the orders for shooting and with perfect precision out muskets spat death and fire into the French line, causing serious damage and even distrupting their formation. The troops were eager to keep up the fire."

"It felt like to frogs would brake under the intense barrage we were subjecting them to but their commander proved to be competent enough in keeping his troops in order."

"To our dissapointment the enemy did not brake and managed to hold out until they were reinforced by cavalary and the feared Old Guard. Until this moment i did not know how it was going for our troops on the left flank and in the town of Dubice, but probably not to well since the French command had so much reserves to spare to intercept my battalion. Anyway we kept firing but the infantry we caused serious damage to regained their nerves upon the arrival of the additional troops and gathered themselves"

"Then...hell broke loose. The French gave us a terrible volley. Causing lot of death to our ranks. The Old Guard did live up to their reputation and I could se the German legion being steadily decimated. Brave were these lads, not once did they allow their blue colours nor the kings standard to touch the ground eventhough the banners swiched hands many a time because of the deaths. "

"The exchange of fire kept up for a while and I finally realised that the left flank had not managed to break through because no aid was in sight. Our casualities grew by the minute. We did however drag some of those despicable frogs with us to death"

The generals survey the battlefield and decide on their next cunning moves.

"I saw the 4th regiment crumble but not turning tail. The line was in chaos and shooting badly coordinated. Suddenly the Old Guard changed formation and a loud "VIVA LA FRANCE!" could be heard from the sturdy men as they charged the 4th. We fired into the body of men closing in and subsequently dropped a number of them but without being able to stop the onslaught. They reached our lines. "

"The charge was quickly followeed up by the French dragoons as they closed in for the kill. "

"Our lads proved their determination and disciplin when they even under these harsh circumstances managed to form squares to repell the horsemen. I knew that the 4th would yeal in a matter of moments. "

"My predicion did come true. Suddenly the men of the 4th Kings German legion started breaking. Some managed to flee, while many a man was cut down byt the bestial brutality of the French elite troops. At this time a messanger also reached me from the commander in chief. I was told that the left flank was in trouble. While trying to assault an enemy ocupied building a regiment was broken and another was stuck in combat with enemy Currisariers."

"I had one last chance to turn this battle. This was it. I gave to order to the artillery and infantry to fire onto the dragoons that had tried to charge the squares. Modest progress here as the dragoons made a tactical withdraw to the hill on their side of the field. "

"I moved the 42nd Nottinghamshire onto the flank of the Old Guard. I knew that if i could break them, then our cavalary and rest of the infantry on the left would be able to handle the french. We failed. The men were at this point at rockbottom in mood and shooting was poor. "

"The 42nd was now surrounded. It had the Old Guard to the front, cavalary and infantry to the right and another line of infantry at the rear. Thank god for the messanger who arrived in in time to tell that the left flank had fallen and that high command were surrendering. If he had not made it so soon more good men would have died."

"We had to retreat with the forces we had left and gather us. Although this was a minor confrontation good men were lost. Hopefully the coalition will stop this French scourge and hang the madman Napoleon."

Hope you liked it!!

tisdag 28 juni 2011

Housing Project

I tried to make a cardboard house and this is what i managed to produce. I am happy with it given the small amouth of time I invested in building and painting. Let's see if I can make a village this way. The colours look better IRL due to shitty lightning when taking the pics. Also featured in the pics i a groupshot of my growing empire army.

fredag 17 juni 2011

DBA Gauls

Finally done with the dba gauls and with that the entire DBA commission that's been lying around at my workingtable for a while. My customer was happy with the romans and i am sure that he will like these as well. I must admit that it is a bit painful to send away to armies that you are really happy with. Especially when they are designed for the same gamesystem and same era, plus historical enemies.

And here is the pic of the romans. Relly happy with these armies.

fredag 10 juni 2011

Iphone App

Hittade en gratisapp som lägger på olika filter på bilder. Lyckdes skapa denna lite snabbt när jag testade. Finns absolut potential för att göra lite tuffa reklambilder för figurmålning :)//Havok

torsdag 17 mars 2011

Logan and his axe

WIP Logan for the SW customer. Been playing around with the axe for a while and quite happy with the result.

Who Let The Dogs Out

Here is one of my current WIP;s that im doing for the customer with the SW army.
This is a giant resin wolf that is going to be used as thunderwolf cavalary.
I got 2 of these abominations and this one is almost done, just a few touchups left.
I wanted to give them a warewolfesque facial apperence hence the "human" colours.
Really enjoy painting these behemoths.

måndag 7 mars 2011


Not the vampire one but 4 stands of Republican Romans are done. Also a stand of light horse and an auxillia.

tisdag 1 mars 2011

söndag 27 februari 2011

onsdag 2 februari 2011

First FoW

Hello everybody.
This is my first attempt at FoW and I really do enjoy painting these little nazis.
Not totally satisfied but practice makes better. Ill add turfs as soon as i get my
hands on some

tisdag 25 januari 2011

New article from Games Workshop

GW published a very interesting article for those of us who like the colourful background and universe of the different Warhammer sytems. This aricle cover a number of Space Marine armies of 1500pts centered around different heroes from different chapters.
Very inspiring stuff here.


söndag 23 januari 2011

Imperal Guard Vs Space Marine Battle 2

Here is the after-actionreport from the second of my battles last Tuesday. It also resultet in a terrible defeat for the Imperial Guard, due to bad tactical decisions and even worse dicerolls.
However, it was a fun game and thought me some of the Imperial Guard strenghts and weaknesess (I am a very inexperienced player)

The Imperial Guard take up defensive positions as as their enemies deploy snipers in the nearby ruins and prepare for an armoured assault.

The first deaths of the battle have taken place. A well placed rocket sent hot shrapnel flying through the air killing 4 soldiers.

The Scout sniper cover their comrade while he reloads his rocketlauncher

The Imperial Guard sniper, Col. Konig takes aim and drops one of the Marines on the far hill.

"Keep up the fire, they must not get close, Fire Fire Fire!"
The defenders manage to blow up the whirlwind transport with accurate bolterfire

The passangers of the whirlwind crawl out of the wreck only to continue their furious assault on foot. They succsesfully cross the debris of the blasted Chimera that was destroyed in the opening stages of the battle along with its passangers.

The Maines clash with the Sentinels, and manages to destroy them. They continue to run through the smoke, towards the defensive lines. Col. Konig manages to scratch one of the attackers before they reach the lines and eventually destroy the dug in defenders.